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LAtest requirements on schools from UK Government

 All students, members of staff and visitors must wear face coverings  in communal areas unless medically exempt. 
We have defined “communal” areas in our school to be:
Dining areas (except when actually eating)

On no account are disposable face masks to be flushed down toilets as they cause blockages.

If a teacher requests students to wear face coverings in classrooms, then students should do so. If the teacher does not require face coverings to be worn in the classroom, students must put them on when leaving the classroom.

Year 11 students do not have to wear face coverings in the hall or gym whilst doing PPEs, but may do so if they wish. In these areas, the desks are spaced out under examination regulations.

As the weather is very cold at present, we are asking that windows are not opened in classrooms, but the door can be left open for ventilation.

Can I urge you to continue to monitor your daughter’s use of lateral flow tests twice a week? These tests are available in school for her to take home. It is likely that we will have to test all students again when we return to school in January. I’ll let you know the arrangements as soon as they have been made. Any students who travel to countries on the government’s Red List must follow government requirements and will not be able to return to school until I have evidence that the conditions have been met. It would really be in everyone’s interest that no-one in school travelled to any Red List country; that all students were vaccinated against Covid19; and that all adults were double vaccinated with most having the booster injection also. Please can I urge you to consider these vaccines in the same way as the other vaccinations you and your child have had in the past – as a means of safeguarding them and the rest of the community.

Sr Anne Marie 

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