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The Notre Dame EXperience

So what is it like to be at Notre Dame? Here's what our Students & Parents and other visitors have to say about us:

 Favour - Former Pupil

Notre Dame has been such a warm and wonderful environment for me to learn and grow in for the past 5 years

Jane - Former Pupil

Being a member of the Notre Dame Community has taught me the following: to be resilient, open to new opportunities and to strive towards whatever I want to achieve in life. These qualities have shaped me as a young woman and I am confident that they will guide me through my journey as a student, and God willing, a future leader.

Josephine - Former Pupil

Teachers are amazing and we know how much you care for your students. We know the love and care you have for your students and we know you guys always want the best for your students... I know this because I've been one! I couldn't have asked for any other support system like the one I had in secondary school and I just want you all to know that you guys do an amazing job... Continue being the amazing teachers you guys are and don't change...


We were very impressed by the school's central commitment to academic excellence and to developing each student's individual potential, talents and skills, to best prepare them for their future life in the adult world.

 Parent of Melanie - Year 10

 Notre Dame has a good reputation, with excellent teachers and an EAL department that is known to be one of great support for the children with English as a second language. I trust the school to do their best.

Notre Dame tiene una buena reputación, con excelentes maestros y un departamento de EAL que es conocido por ser uno de gran apoyo para los niños con inglés como segundo idioma. Confío en que la escuela hará lo mejor que pueda. 

 Parent of Madalen - Year 10

The school has helped my daughter and encouraged her to do her homework. There is so much support with learning and to understand a new language. The EAL club supported her with materials and computers to do her homework online. The club motivates my daughter to achieve her goals and teaches her things that maybe she did not know or struggled with. With this support, I know she will achieve good grades.

La escuela ha ayudado a mi hija y la ha animado a hacer su tarea. Hay mucho apoyo para aprender y comprender un nuevo idioma. El club EAL la apoyó con materiales y computadoras para hacer su tarea en línea. El club motiva a mi hija a lograr sus metas y le enseña cosas que tal vez no sabía o con las que luchó. Con este apoyo, sé que obtendrá buenas calificaciones.

Educational Intern

On my first day, I sat in shock as I watched the students rise and greet every teacher that walked into a classroom and knew exactly what to do immediately after. Whether that was silent reading or writing a title and underlining the date in their notebooks, it is evident that careful attention is paid to every student and in every classroom. It was refreshing to see, and I am learning so much from this hands-on experience that I hope to apply during the rest of my educational career.

My first few weeks at Notre Dame have been nothing short of motivating. The knowledgeable teachers I've learned from and the friendly students I've talked to have made every day I get to spend at this school a positive one. I can't wait for what the rest of my time here will bring!