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Here is the place for all of your wellbeing needs at Notre Dame. 

Kooth Mental Wellbeing

Kooth Mental Wellbeing Information

A Space for Support

"A Space" for Parents and Carers -  Reflecting on the Impact of the National Lockdown

"A Space" to Talk about Coronavirus - Parent/Carer Handout

"A Space" for support for Coronavirus - Student Handout

Social Workers in Schools Project

I'm Jo Evans, Notre Dame's school counsellor. I see students for confidential one-to-one conversations for many different reasons.  Sometimes young people need to talk things through with someone like me who can help them better see where their challenges are and how best to meet them. Everyone can benefit from having space and time for reflection. Life is complex - we all have experiences and issues to deal with at some point or another and exploring them together can make a difference. As well, it's important to make time to thi?nk about each student's personal strengths and what is going well so that these can be built on. Looking after our emotional wellbeing is now considered an essential life skill. Staying in touch with our feelings and learning more about ourselves is key to maintaining healthy relationships and a positive sense of self.

Letter to Parents/Carers re: Social Workers in Schools project