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Student Senior LEadership TEAM

Student Senior Leadership Team 2021 - 22



 Student Senior Leadership Team 2020-2021

Head Girls - 

Emmanuella Otukpe

Olivia Giadom

Deputy Head Girl - 

Jane Mills

Assistant Head Girl & Sports Captain - 

Aaliyah Brown

Assistant Head Girls -

Faith Samurino

Maria Montano Garcia


Message from Deputy Head Girl Jane Mills about her 5 years at Notre Dame:

My 5 years here at Notre Dame has come to an end and honestly, it has been a wonderful experience. During this crucial stage in my life, I have discovered and developed my interests and I have built excellent relationships with students and staff. There is a strong sense of belonging at Notre Dame, and I truly believe that the support and encouragement from our school community enabled me to gain the essential skills needed to take on the role of deputy head girl. These skills will also be vital as I carry on my journey through life.

Although our last year at secondary school was cut short due to the pandemic, there were still many opportunities to display our leadership skills. I remember visiting the school during open day in year 6 and being guided by a year 11 student. This academic year, I was able to share my excitement during open day with families from different primary schools. This opportunity made me realise how fast time flies and how quickly we develop.

It has been an honour to attend this school and to uphold this responsibility. I have learnt so much about myself and I have realised my potential. However I have also learnt a lot about the importance of unity and togetherness whilst attending Notre Dame and I can proudly say that I am blessed to be a member of this family.


Student Senior Leadership Team 2019-2020

Meet our Student Senior Leadership Team below:

Head Girl - Favour John

Four years ago when I first arrived at Notre Dame many things were unknown to me. Like an explorer venturing into a foreign land, I was unfamiliar with the territory that is secondary school. Little did I know, rather than an explorer wandering off, I was being welcomed into my new home. (Continue reading my letter BELOW)  


Deputy Head Girl - Josephine Ayodele

My name is Josephine Ayodele and I am in 11J. I hold the position of Deputy Head Girl. The past four years in Notre Dame have been adventurous, beneficial and challenging but I will cherish every single experience I have gone through; it has made me a better version of myself. I have learnt how to become a mature, independent, courageous student who will continue to use these skills later in life, especially in the world of work.


Deputy Head Girl - Jessica Uzoh

My name is Jessica Uzoh. I was born and raised in Nigeria and I speak Igbo as my first language. One of my greatest achievements is becoming Deputy Head Girl which to me is an excellent opportunity to give back to the school and be an outstanding role model to the younger years. In my free time I enjoy writing fictional pieces, reading political articles and encouraging in debates with my peers.


Assistant Head Girl - Natalie Anang

Hello! My name is Natalie and I am one of three Assistant Heads girls here at Notre Dame. Being a part of the Student Senior Leadership team was a big dream of mine from the beginning of year 9 as I began to realise the importance of helping out and being an active member of the school community. I am organised, good at formulating ideas and solutions and I love seeing change in the community as this means a lot to me. My role requires a lot of time, patience and dedication and is already helping me to mature as a young Christian woman. Working alongside the other members of SSLT has really made my Year Eleven experience exciting and it is a real privilege; I cannot wait to do even more!


Assistant Head Girl - Michella Mitoraj 

My name is Michella Mitoraj and I am Assistant Head Girl. This school has given me many opportunities including becoming a senior prefect in year 9, a Polish translator and an Eucharistic minister. In order to get these opportunities I had to be well behaved abiding the Five Simple Ways, and be a role model to my peers by embracing the ethos of the school. I am grateful for the school supporting me and helping me become who I am today. I am looking forward to my role of responsibility this year!


 Assistant Head Girl - Keji Ojo

Hello. My name is Keji Ojo and I am Assistant Head Girl. My role entails representing the school and incorporating the ideas of my fellow students. One of my most significant achievements is coming second in the country in the UK Junior Mathematics challenge. In my free time I enjoy reading and educating myself.


 Letter from the Head Girl

Four years ago when I first arrived at Notre Dame many things were unknown to me. Like an explorer venturing into a foreign land, I was unfamiliar with the territory that is secondary school. Little did I know, rather than an explorer wandering off, I was being welcomed into my new home. Navigating secondary school is a troubling time but the support has been indispensable. I had no idea I was being welcomed into such a supportive family. Funnily enough my big sister was Head Girl as well; this inspired me and was the catalyst in igniting my hope that one day too I would become Head Girl.

I believe home and parish are not separate but intertwined. A strong Catholic ethos is emphasised here at Notre Dame thereupon creating an atmosphere that is the quintessence of equality, esteem and excellence. Combined with the unwavering reassurance that “the good God is so very good” this school is not simply an institution of education but a second home to all students, where each girl can prosper and evolve.

Every day in my form we read an inspirational quote from an anthology that challenges negativity and makes room for contemplation. One particular quote resonated with me: “If opportunity does not knock, build a door.” I truly believe Notre Dame supplies the materials from which we are able to build upon. Culture is at the heart of Notre Dame. This school is unique. We have a Yoruba verse in our mission song and an annual fundraising event ‘St. Julie’s Day’ to raise money for our sister schools in Nigeria, Kenya and Peru.

Our founder St. Julie had a vision: the education of young girls and moulding them into strong Christian women. We uphold this philosophy by using our God-given talents to help others. This school believes that we should not be inward looking but care for the broader community. Generosity, love and peace propel us to help others and ameliorate our shortcomings.

I am particularly inspired by Malala Yousafzai: “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” Our teachers do not just merely teach us the required material. Their work goes beyond the realm of an educator. They engage us, they mentor us and they dedicate their time to ensure that we are ready for the world ahead of us. This helps the students to aim for academic brilliance.

Attending ND is truly one of the best decisions I ever made. The moments that I have shared, the friends I have made and the principles I have learned will resonate with me for life. Despite the times when we are challenged to leave our comfort zones, Notre Dame girls come out stronger and learn a few important lessons on the way; us girls have so much to offer. Secondary school is a springboard to soar to the greater heights of our future. I wholeheartedly believe that the girls here thrive as they navigate through secondary school. I am so proud and privileged to be a part of this community.


By Favour John, current Head Girl.