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Partner School Germany

We are very proud to announce that we will be starting our German exchange visit in September 2019 when a group of girls from our partner school Mariengymnasium in Papenburg, Germany will be coming to visit our school.


Our colleagues from  Mariengymnasium in Papenburg, Ms. Sikkes-Watermann, Sister Sponsalis and Mr. Scholten, visited our school for the first time in September 2018 to get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe school. A return visit of Sister Maureen and myself at the Mariengymnasium in Papenburg  took place in February 2019.


Mariengymnasium, Papenburg, Germany. There are 650  girls at this school. The students study English, French and Latin. For more information please visit their website at this address:


German Exchange Papenburg, Germany

From 16 to 22 February 2020,  our school went  to visit our partner school in Papenburg, Germany.

In the Papenburg town hall we were received by the city councillor Jürgen Rautenberg, who welcomed  us to Papenburg on behalf of the mayor. The programme included a visit to the Meyer shipyard, the Old Tower at the top and the Von Velen facility. Here, of course,  we couldn’t miss the evening of tasting the Papenburg buckwheat pancake.

During an East Frisia tour, the students were initiated into the tradition of drinking tea in the Tea Museum Norden. The fishing village of Greetsiel and the Pilsum lighthouse were also visited.

Every morning, the students worked together on a project called "Expressing feelings and emotions", the first part of which had begun in London. Under the artistic direction of Ms. Frank, the girls first painted trees that were supposed to represent their own identity. Afterwards, our students put their impressions of Papenburg and East Frisia on paper, while our exchange partners from Germany produced collages showing their impressions of London. The result can be seen in the hallway of our school on the MFL corridor.

At the farewell party, the girls designed T-shirts that will remind them of their time with their partners.

This brings to an end this first exchange, which is financially supported by the UK German Connection (www.ukgermanconnection.org). We look forward to further projects with other pupils of Notre Dame in the future.