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Parent TeAcher association

Due to Covid, the PTA has been limited this academic year. We look forward to meeting again very soon with a fresh new look!

Aims and Objectives

The PTA serves three main functions working towards furthering the educational, social and general opportunities of our children at Notre Dame School.

Communication: to adopt good communication between parents, carers and staff within the school community.

Parental Involvement: to support the involvement of parents and carers.

Fundraising: the PTA organises several events throughout the year to provide additional funds for the school.


Notre Dame PTA membership is free and open to all parents and carers with children attending the school.  A large part of our activities involve fundraising subsidising activities and school resources.

Why be Involved?

"The aim of Parent teacher associations is to foster better relationships between parents, carers and their children's schools.  PTAs create a partnership which helps the school listen to and deal with parents' concerns; and for parents to learn more about the school and how to improve their children's education.  PTAs do not necessarily represent the views of all parents and carers but they can be an excellent forum for communication and a basis for partnership between parents, carers and schools."  (Department of Children Schools and Families. 2009)

A welcome letter from the Chairman of the PTA:

October 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are the heartbeat of every home, the first teachers to our children. As much as we appreciate and rely on the great work teachers do for our children, we must also envisage the gruelling task of being a parent/carer. It is an undeniable fact that our jobs as parents are the most challenging, especially in this day and age where social issues and technological advancements are threats to a young adult’s life.

The various challenges and responsibilities facing our children in the school and its environment are the more reason why parents and teachers coming together makes perfect sense: to be able to discuss, brainstorm and share ideas about the numerous ways of improving the lives of our girls by creating what I call a ‘three way bond’ (teacher, parent & child). This open relationship will benefit our girls’ development and welfare in the end.

A typical example is when the parents raised a concern about the quality of the girls’ school jacket, especially during the harsh winter conditions. This led to a new and improved school jacket to provide warmth and protection for our girls.

I therefore urge every parent/carer, whose child is in Notre Dame School, to seize the opportunity to attend PTA meetings at all times: to bring new ideas to effect, change and improve the lives of our girls.

Yours sincerely

Kinglsey Kyeremateng

Chairman of the PTA



Chair - Kinglsey Kyeremateng

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