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New Social Platforms @ Notre Dame

Do you take your phone for granted? I know I do. Throughout history human beings have overcome all sorts of obstacles with creative solutions to better communicate with one another. Post delivered by hand might be a rarity for many today, but it is only in the past two centuries that there has been any great deviation from this age-old approach to 'getting in touch'. 

1792 was a boom year with the invention of the telegraph, an ingenious way of sending a short message through visible signals that were repeated along a chain. One of my favourite forms of communication is the pneumatic post, this system of underground tubes propelled capsules containing messages through the power of pressurised air (think 2005's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). The end of the 19th century brought transformation to communication in the form of the telephone and radio, for the first time people could speak across great distances instantly. Live communication leapt forwards in the 1900's with the inventions of the computer, email, internet chat rooms and ultimately social media. Between Facebook, Instagram and twitter there are 4 billion users who communicate and share with each other instantaneously across immense distances, with the capacity to reach many people whilst maintaining the intimacy of person-to-person communication. ?

Notre Dame is upping its social media game with the addition of Facebook and Instagram pages to an already active twitter account. We have the opportunity to give a glimpse into life here, to communicate what we're all about with the wider community, to celebrate our academic and extracurricular achievements, and to support pupils and parents with educational resources and up-to-date news. We have a lot to celebrate here at Notre Dame and social media gives us the opportunity to share it quicker than ever before. ?

Mr Withers