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Welcome! Here you will find examples of Charity Events that have happened recently and the amounts raised

September 2021

Mary's Meals:  £226.00 (Milkshakes) ?+ £28.30 (Ms Hine's crafts)

Macmillan Cancer Support: £64.39 


Mary’s Meals

Notre Dame has chosen Mary’s Meals to continue to be its focus charity this year - therefore it will be down to the Charity Committee and the whole school to raise every month at least £13.90 -which will support 1 child for 1 academic year.

£13.90 x 11 = £152.90 = 11 children supported & fed in School for a year = A brighter future

Mary's Meals is a no-frills charity with a simple idea: to provide one good meal in a place of learning, through this idea children are drawn into the classroom where they can receive an education that could one day free them from poverty.

Mary’s Meals is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought up her own child in poverty. Mary's Meals is based on respect and reaches out to people of all faiths and of none.

Notre Dame has chosen that Mary's Meals is its focus charity for our major fundraising efforts alongside our other charitable commitments.

Mary's Meals in early October just celebrated their  BILLIONTH meal served - The dish was served to 12-year-old Mohsin in Noida, India. He and his classmates marked the joyful occasion with dancing and songs. Notre Dame is proud to have been able to contribute to this amazing achievement. Mary's Meal says that £13.90 is all it costs for us to feed a child for a whole school year. You can donate to Mary's Meals at www.marysmeals.org.uk/donate

Past Events 

October 2020:

#helloyellow World Mental Health Day for Young Minds: £44.88

PINK DAY Breast Cancer: £665.79

Mary's Meal: £87.95 for Christmas cards

Mary's Meals: Raised then another £260.90 which is doubled to £521.80

Crisp Packet Project (year 7 only ) :Funds to be counted

Sport Relief 2018

On Friday 16th March students of Notre Dame raised money for Sports Relief 2018. Students for a £1 donation wore red or 50p to wear red accessories alongside their school uniform. 

All students were also encouraged to come out, after school to the GMH court to take part in the Sports Relief Mile, where students and staff could walk, jog, skip, run or hop their way around a well mapped out route around the GMH courts opposite our school.

Every student who participated received a Sports Relief Mile certificate. Special certificates and prizes were given out to the first, three students to complete the Mile and the best dressed student.

Congratulation goes to:

Best Dressed student - Sarah Pearson 10J

The first, three student to complete the Sports Relief Mile - Keliss Nesbitt-Morgan 9C, Chigozie Onyeji 8F and Aaliyah Brown 8M.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the PE Department who helped make this event fun and exciting for our students. Also a big well done to all the student who came to school wearing red and participated in the Sports Relief Mile, thanks to all the money that you were able to bring in we were able to raise £426.64 for Sports Relief 2018. Well Done!!


Lent at Notre Dame

On Friday 9th March student had an opportunity to take part in a 24hr Sponsored silence or 12hr Sponsored fast. Students were encouraged to raise money for Mary's Meals by getting family, friends and teachers to sponsor them.

Prizes were given to two students who raised the most money and that was
Demi Pearson and Lily Hamilton in Year 7

Well done to all of the students who participated in the sponsored silence or fast as we were able to raise £239.94 for Mary's Meals.

St Julie's Day

On Friday 2nd of February we celebrated St Julie's Day.

The celebrations began with a whole school service, the theme of this years’ service was "together we grow" this was introduced to use by our Head Girl Nicole and Favour John in Year 9 who gave us an insight as to what St Julie's Day means to them. In the service some of our Sisters on Notre Dame renewed their vows we were joined by; Sr Anne Marie, Sr Rosemary, Sr Maureen, Sr Magdalen, Sr Margaret and Sr Rachel. We also had guest that joined us in celebrating our founders day our guests included: Mr Garvey our Chair of Governors, Bernadette Farrell also one of our Governors with her husband Marvin Alstott a composer and musician, Mrs Town, a former member of staff and now one of our Governors, Mrs Hamilton a former student of our school and now one of our Governors, Mr Studman one of our Governors, Fr Ola from the Cathedral whocelebrates our Masses, Ms Cernuschi a former member of staff,

Mr Patrick Harrison an RE advisor for the Diocese and Sir Simon Hughes, long-time friend of our school.

After Mass students returned to school set up their stall and begin their hive of enterprise. Students of Notre Dame for weeks would have been planning in their PSE lessons coming up with great ideas of how to raise funds for our sister schools in Peru, Nigeria and Kenya.

The Stalls included:

Hair and Beauty included: hair, makeup, eyebrows, fake nails, henna, glitter body art, fake tattoos, glitter tattoos and face painting.

Food and Drink included: waffles, Crepes, Brazilian sweets, Caribbean cuisine, African cuisine, popcorn maker, sweet stalls, cake stalls, juice and mocktails, ice lollies and milkshakes.

Some students also included competitions like: guess the number of sweets in a jar, name the teddy, plot the treasure.

The day couldn't go a miss without the students’ favourite events like "Splat the Teacher", the Bouncy Castle, a Photo-both and a "Dance off" and handmade jewellery and pompoms.

The Afternoon included: DVD Rooms, A Rave, Yr. 8 and Yr9 Miss Notre Dame and a Year7 talent show.

The total we raised a whooping £5,020!!


Well done to everyone who took part and contributed to making this day a great success, and thank you to all the students and staff who help to make this day where we remember our wider Notre Dame community - together we grow.

Mary's Meals Big Family Christmas Dinner Table


During the festive period Mary's Meals doubled their donations and which resulted in £13.90 not only feeding one child for one year but feeding two children for a year. So from the help of the creative Mrs Hine, who made some stocking like Christmas tree decorations to purchase for a small charitable donation. The Staff at Notre Dame were able to raise enough money and double have it doubled to support 8 children for a year.

Please see the email sent from Mary's Meal below.

Children in Need 2017

On Friday 17th November Notre Dame Southwark raised money for Children in Need.

Students were welcomed at the school gates by the students of the Charity Committee, and for a £1 donation students were allowed to wear their own clothes. Students were also told to bring in their teddy bear from home to get a free go on “Spot the Dot"

What is "Spot the Dot"? I hear you say. Notre Dame School was decorated with dots all around school in communal areas. Student had to count how many dots were placed around school and guess the correct amount dotted around the school.

The first prize went to Samantha Mendoza in 8C who was the only student to guess the correct amount of dots around the school, and two runner up prizes went to Faith Agbaje 7L and Amy Figueroa 7M.

Thank you to all those students who donated and helped raised money for Children in Need.



Pink Own Clothes Day for Breast Cancer Research

 On the last day of this half term, students were invited to come to school wearing their PINK own clothes, which included a donation of £1, or to wear their school uniform with some PINK accessories for 50p. Like true Notre Dame Fashion students turned up in a full array of Pinkness!!!

Thank you from the Charity Committee your donations will make a difference.

Film Night in Honour of Black History Month 

Afterschool on Wednesday 18th October the Charity committee hosted a Film Night in honour of Black History Month showing the fantastic true story Hidden Figures.

Students that bought a ticket were treated to a cup of Popcorn, small bag of sweets and a carton of juice.

The students enjoyed themselves and the film ended with a standing ovation. One student commented saying; "what an inspiring story".

All money raised in tickets was donated to Mary’s Meals, a charity that Notre Dame is supporting this year.


Small Donations for Mary's Meals

On Friday September students of Notre Dame were encouraged to bring in a small donations to Mary' Meals, the response from the student was amazing.

In Assembly led by Mr Smith students had been told about the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero and what he stood up for.

It was obvious by the amount we raised that students were inspired by the message that Oscar Romero left behind him, and that it still rings true in our students today, to stand up for those who are being oppressed and mistreated, to bring about a brighter future for tomorrow.

Grenfell Tower Charitable Donation Presentation

Following the awful events that happened at the Grenfell Tower in June 2017, Notre Dame students believed it was their duty to do something to help the people whose lives have been affected by this tragic event.

So in true Notre Dame Fashion, on Wednesday 21st June 2017, Notre Dame had an Own Clothes Day. Students participated by bringing in a £1 or more to wear their own clothes for the day. Due to the extreme hot weather at the time, on Thursday 22nd June 2017, a team of Notre Dame students sold Ice lollies, which was a great success and sold out immediately.

All of the money we raised was donated to the Salvation Army - Grenfell Tower Appeal, the Salvation Army were so thrilled by the amount we raised, that they invited us to the Salvation Army Headquarters near our School. A group of Notre Dame students,who were hugely involved with the fundraising done in school, were chosen to represent the school to present the money we raised on both the Fundraiser Days.

The student got an to meet The Leader of The Salvation Army in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Commissioner Clive Adams,Captains Karl and Ruth Gray who were two of the first people on scene at the Grenfell Tower at the time of the fire, students were interested to hear their stories.

This was an honourable opportunity for the school and community.

Here is a link to the article on the Salvation Army Website: http://news.salvationarmy.org.uk/grenfell-tower-generous-student-donation